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Smart PC Fixer Review

This is our Smart PC Fixer Review.  If you’re looking for the official Smart PC Fixer site, click the link below:

Smart PC Fixer - Official Site


For those who aren’t tech savvy whatsoever and are confronted with a slowing down computer, fixing the problems that create this downturn can appear just like a daunting and confusing task. Optimizing all of the different functions of Home windows and lots of related processes by hand really needs a technical understand how that many people just do not have.


Smart PC Fixer rapidly finds all your computer’s trouble for you and also provides you with an exam of their health

So that they can fix this issue, a business referred to as Lion Sea Software has come forth with an item known as Smart PC Fixer. It is built to optimize all pc processes that strongly modify the smooth operation of the home windows based computer. In addition to this, it had been made with simplicity of use in your mind to ensure that the most technically challenged customers can deal with the problems that are slowing down lower their computer systems. But because of so many similar items available on the market, so how exactly does that one compare?

The Characteristics of Smart PC Fixer

If this involves maintaining or perhaps growing your computer’s performance, you will find a variety of things that should be enhanced. You will find a variety of programs available specializing in individual processes however this particular program takes proper care of these at the same time.

This is a rundown from the different modules and tasks that LionSea’s program offers:

Checking and cleaning


The registry scanner belongs to the Scan and Clean module

Before it may fix the issues your pc may be facing, it works an thorough search from the registry. In this particular module, additionally you can cleanup many potentially useless files for example internet snacks, browser history, junk files and then any other file that you simply don’t actually need.

System optimisation

Sometimes, your pc is mainly slowed down lower by an excess of tasks which are requested from it. With time, many programs get installed and uninstalled meaning the computers’ desktop and menus may become heavily cluttered. Also, when a lot of programs are going to launch whenever your computer begins your processor and RAM become heavily taxed which slows anything else lower. The machine optimize function takes proper care of everything and is made to cleanup all of the unnecessary clutter that builds up on your computer with time.


Fixing errors of all kinds is mainly accomplished within the System Fix section

System Fixing

Sometime despite your very best efforts, some processes that the operating-system needs get damaged and also the effect can result in computer freezes, crashes and dreaded blue screens. The machine fix module finds all problematic or damaged files and fixes them instantly. The files under consideration here mostly include ActiveX files in addition to dll files.

System tools

Using the system tools obtainable in Smart PC Fixer, this program enables you to definitely perform tasks that can often be a little complex in character (even though they absolutely shouldn’t be). This selection allows you remove undesirable programs, apply recent updates for your form of Home windows, defragment your hard disk and remove malicious files permanently.


The Machine Tools are allows you update Home windows, manage your programs, etc.

Backup utility

There is nothing more frustrating that losing all your files following a computer crash. By copying your important documents regularly, this can be avoided altogether. To get this done, miracle traffic bot gives you the choice to backup and restore any file or number of files that you would like.

Exactly what does Smart PC Fixer provide its customers?

The program is made to simplify maintenance tasks on your pc that many people simply overlook entirely for longer amounts of time. Therefore, customers will gain the benefit of getting a collection-it-and-forget-it application which will take proper care of all individuals tasks on their behalf.

What might make this program not act as advertised?

If this involves keeping the pc running easily, the very best factor that you can do is regular maintenance. If you approach the program (or other similar offering) and intend for doing things just once a few years, you will not end up with great results from this. Rather, it’s better to run the various utilities it offers regularly, at least one time per month. Should you hold back until there’s many years of issues on your pc prior to doing any cleaning, never be surprised if the software can’t eliminate all of them.


Carrying out backup copies regularly is created easy

How good will it perform?


The perceived value the program offers could be a little inflated through the amount of features it provides. However, the majority of the tasks it works are individual by character and therefore, its performance ought to be judged on the potency of each module.

In connection with this, Smart PC Fixer falls just a little short. It isn’t that it’s bad or perhaps ineffective at a task. Its exactly that often it feels as if it propagates itself just a little thin. Since it doesn’t specialize in a single task, it’s inevitable that you will find likely to be programs available that perform a better job each and every individual task.

For instance, the registry scanner and also the backup utility might be a lot faster and extremely aren’t right along with other devoted registry cleansers or backup utilities available. They work all right though and unless of course you’ll need advanced features for every of individuals tasks you’ll find just the thing you need here.


Knowing that, praise should be provided towards the simplicity and ease of use of their interface. It’s apparent that special care continues to be put in installing all things in a clear manner which causes it to be a remarkably simple to use software program. Additionally, it implies that for that less technically savvy people available, you’d be difficult pressed to locate an simpler to make use of program your money can buy.


Arranging tasks is simply by choosing the times and time you would like them carried out


Selecting whether purchasing Smart PC Fixer on your own really is dependent by yourself anticipation. If you’re expecting the most effective when it comes to individual utilities, you’d better look elsewhere. It isn’t fastest of the very most good at each task it works, however again neither will it tell you they are.

However, if you’re just searching for an easy way to maintain your computer running easily and shouldn’t cope with multiple programs simultaneously, a great option.

What’s the cost, what is the guarantee where are you able to purchase it?

LionSea Software makes the program readily available for 29.95$ each year per license. If you buy multiple licenses simultaneously that cost could possibly get as little as 5.89$ per license (that’s for 10 of these). Obviously, that’s only useful for those who have any use for multiple licenses.

On all purchases, there’s a 60 money-back guarantee. Should you choose to check it out, that provides you sufficient time to check all of the features and choose if it’s the best program for you personally.

Should you intend on purchasing, realize that a good option to buy the program reaches the state website that you could access through the link below.

Click here for the Smart PC Fixer